5 responses to “Shopify plug test”

  1. markstickley says:

    Oh no. That looks rather un-Apple. I can’t imagine them doing a flip phone in the first place for several reasons but if they did they would certainly not have a bezel that size around the top screen. The main problem would be the battery life, however, since the screen is one of the main power sinks and this concept has 3 of them! Agree with you about the home button placement though.

  2. Crimson Hikari says:

    I would buy the shit out of an Apple flip phone. I miss my flip-phone so bad every day if only because I never had to buy and apply a damn screen protector that keeps trapping dust underneath itself!

  3. Dutchman says:

    I do prefer a flip-phone for a variety of reason, so it would be a welcomed option.

  4. Hal 9000 says:

    I really hope in God’s name that this never happen. Steve Jobs would die again.

  5. imtough says:

    No, no it wouldn’t.