Here’s proof bendgate won’t be back with iPhone 6s


Photo: Twitter
Bendgate won't be back again this year.
Photo: Twitter

Apple isn’t going to repeat its bendgate error for a second year in a row, according to a video posted by Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy, a.k.a. the man who famously bent an iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands.

Hilsenteger got hold of an iPhone 6s backplate, courtesy of renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, and compared it to the original iPhone 6. As he points out, Apple has made a few key changes to the iPhone design with the aim of learning from its past mistakes.

Check out his video below:

As Hilsenteger points out, Apple has varied the inner casing screw layout and also strengthened the inner walls on the backplate of the iPhone 6s, particularly near to the volume button where bending occurred with the previous model.

Hilsenteger additionally lends credibility to the rumors that the new iPhone will use the same 7000 series aluminum found in the Apple Watch Sport, potentially resulting in 60 percent harder iPhone cases.

Apple showed off the strength of the Apple Watch Sport’s aluminum in a video released back in March. The 7000 series aluminum is the same material used in competition bicycles, although Apple altered it with a new alloy to make it just as light but more durable.

While I’d argue that bendgate was massively overhyped as a problem (one year later I’ve still not had any problems with my iPhone 6 Plus), the original Unbox Therapy was picked up by countless news outlets around the world. Anecdotally I’ve also been surprised by how many people over the past twelve months have asked me about the bendgate problem, despite not regularly following tech news.

It seems that once again Apple is doing the right thing by its users. No wonder its confident enough to place record orders for its forthcoming handset.

14 responses to “Here’s proof bendgate won’t be back with iPhone 6s”

  1. Krikaoli says:

    Unfortunately Irrefutably the iPhone 6 is more delicate than its predecessor. I’ve always have been ultra careful with all my iPhones, and with the latter, the iPhone 6, I had a very bad experience. I never have used in tight jeans pockets, it never has fallen. However, suddenly, my iPhone 6, at its top left corner was slight loose… And when I pressed it felt loose… I sent to the Apple Assistance and the changed it for me…

  2. He brought Bendgate into the world, and now he’s here to take it out

  3. AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-) says:

    I find it hard to believe that with all the large display smartphones on the market that the iPhone is the only smartphone that is capable of being bent. I’m pretty sure I saw bending tests being done and most smartphones were similarly prone to being bent. Why Apple is the only company that’s singled out seems to be quite unfair. Maybe because Apple sells so many iPhones the percentage of bent phones is the same but the number ends up higher. I use a belt holster for my smartphone so it’s unlikely to ever be bent. I think people should be more careful with their smartphones and take care they don’t get easily damaged.

  4. TeeJay2000 says:

    Lewis Hilsenteger? I am having deja vu again. There were just too many questions about the credibility of his ‘testing’ in his videos. I prefer not to link to his videos and give him a dime.

  5. Hildebrand says:

    My iPhone 6 (no plus) is bent too.

    • mildmanneredjanitor says:

      I have 2 friends with bent iPhones. They are pretty miffed.
      Apple’s plausible denial plan worked a treat it seems.

  6. Cajas says:

    My iPhone 6 bent at the volume button after 3 months. No other damage on the phone. I don’t agree that it was overblown because I didn’t use my phone except for normal use and It still bent. And this was on a 6, not the 6 plus! I will say this though, I took it into the Apple store and they evaluated and gave me a brand-new phone without any type of hassle so I was pretty happy about that

  7. Lloyd Griffith says:

    I’ve never bent a phone or cracked a screen. I will never understand people who don’t take care of their expensive gadgets and then complain about them like it’s a manufacturing defect and not their lack of responsible handing of these devices.

    • 2oh1 says:


      I live in a busy downtown and I’m blown away by how often I’ll hear a phone ring and see somebody reach down to their butt to answer it. Anybody who puts a piece of technology in their back pocket deserves to have it bent or broken because they’re obviously too stupid to care for it properly. A friend of mine is a bartender who told me he’s constantly seeing people sit down and then hoist themselves up a bit to pull the phone they just sat on out of their back pocket.

      I shouldn’t complain though. The stupidity of the average person makes our gadgets better because companies like Apple have to over-design to accommodate for dumbness. Still, the dumbness is shocking.

      Geore Carlin said it best: “Think about how stupid the average person is. Then realize, half the population is stupider than THAT.”

    • Patrick Choi says:

      you pathetic little troll. It happens all the time. It happened to me as well..without doing anything..even geniuses at my area admitted to it…that they saw it happen. Just because you haven’t seen it happen does not mean it doesn’t happen…it does…

  8. Aannddyy says:

    I do wonder what the ‘gate’ will be for this release.
    1. iPhone will break a toe bone if you drop it on your barefoot?
    2. iPhone will hypnotize those who gaze upon it’s glowing screen?
    3. iPhone gets warm when leave it in the sun?

  9. Gregg_Thurman says:

    Anything Apple has done to “strengthen” the iPhone was done to prevent hacks like Dickson from making issues where none exists. After the news cycle passed Dickson by we never heard any more about iPhones bending. Why? Because Dickson found a “weak” point he could exploit, but that “weak” point wasn’t really a problem. Had it been a problem Apple would not have sold 41% MORE iPhones through FQ3/2015 than it did through FQ3/2014 (183,172,000 units vs 129,947,000 units).

    It seems the average consumer is smarter than those desperate for publishable content.

  10. Gregg_Thurman says:

    Anything Apple has done to “strengthen” the iPhone was done to deny hacks like Hilsenteger their 10 minutes in the spotlight. Hilsenteger “found” a “weak” point in the iPhone case, a “weak point” that exists in every other handset, no matter the manufacturer. But in this case the manufacturer was Apple, the most followed tech company in the world.

    Had bending been a real problem Apple would not have sold 41% more iPhones through FQ3/2015 than it did through FQ3/2014 (183,172,000 vs 129,947,000).

    It seems the average consumer is smarter than the average blogger (desperate for publishable content).

  11. MWinNYC says:

    Never underestimate the destructive power of an idiot! Trust me, a few morons will find ways to bend the new 6S, as well!