iPad mini 4 will be Apple’s slimmest yet


iPad mini
The iPad mini 4 will be the slimmest iPad mini yet.
Photo: @OnLeaks

The iPad mini 3 was disappointing in its lack of improvements, but according to a leaked CAD drawing from the usually reliable @OnLeaks, the iPad mini 4 is going to take a step in the right direction by offering a radically thinner design.

Check out a video showing a mock-up of the new device below:

The design drawings depict the iPad mini 4 as being just 6.1 mm thick, same as the iPad Air 2. (The current iPad mini comes in at 7.5 mm thick.)

This is in striking contrast to the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, both of which are expected to be chunkier than their predecessors.

While a thinner form factor is certainly welcome, the big differences with the iPad mini 4 are likely to be internal improvements. In particular, we’re expecting a scaled-down version of the iPad Air 2, with the same 8-megapixel rear iSight camera, A8 processor and 2GB of RAM.

Apple has reportedly organized a September 9 press event in Cupertino, where it will unveil its new iPhones and iPads. If true, this would differ from previous years, when Apple has revealed its new iPads at an event a month later in October.

With Apple expected to add a new, bigger iPad Pro to the mix in 2015 — thereby offering users their choice of small, medium or large tablets — I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a separate iPad event, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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6 responses to “iPad mini 4 will be Apple’s slimmest yet”

  1. marcintosh says:

    I traded in an old iPhone 5 to get the max price before they stop accepting it altogether. I was going to get the new iPod touch, but then decided I didn’t want to invest in a smaller screen so now I’m actually waiting for the next iPad mini to get the most out of iOS 9.

  2. Hans Müller says:

    The last iPad mini launch was such a joke that I almost considered buying myself an iPad mini 2 for $100 cheaper to replace my old iPad 2… Then after they unveiled the new iOS, I figured a new iPad mini would be debuting shortly…

  3. Bob Fry says:

    Thinner is a step in the right direction? Not if you’re tired of thinner and zero improvement to battery life.

  4. Bass Head says:

    they should have added force touch to the iPads too

  5. gtmo says:

    Hopefully the Mini4 will have telephone capability. I’d like to cut back to a single device. gtmo

  6. Trebor115 says:

    I had the mini 2, it was nice, but the color range was quite dull compared to my iPhones. (limited color range on the mini) So then I bought the iPad air 2 this past Xmas. I thought since I had the new iPhone 6 Plus I would love the larger iPad. I love the screen, very crisp, the anti glare is great, but honestly miss the portable much easier to hold mini. I am hopeful that Apple will final dump the min 16GB of storage for 32GB. That would certainly help them sell more tablets for the average user that doesn’t want a huge amount of memory space but also can’t justify spending another $100 for marginal storage space. I’ve read that the new mini 4 will have the same features as the current Air 2, laminated display and all. That with a 32GB storage for $350 would make it a winner. $399 still to much IMO.